Tramadol in USA

Long time ago drugs abuse was the problem of developing countries and colonies. The infamous opioid wars between China and United Kingdom are a classic example of that.

Recent statistics shows that Europe and United States both had increased the use of narcotic painkillers over the recent years. In the year 2016 nearly 64 000 Americans dies because of the drugs overdose, most of those deaths were due to opioids like morphine, oxycodone or Tramadol pills. For many years people were prescribed Tramadol in USA, they could buy Tramadol in USA and no one really saw it as a problem, more as a peculiarity of United States.

When Donald J Trump first came into administration, he immediately declared war to opioid narcotics. His method had two pillars: reduce the amount of prescribed Tramadol in USA and educating youth about the dangers of narcotic painkillers.

Second pillar is to cut the supply. Many Americans don’t rely on Tramadol prescriptions, they order a lot of Tramadol from Asia, there are well known supply chains of Tramadol from India and Tramadol from Singapore. Donald Trump decided not only to reduce the number of prescribed narcotic painkillers – he understood that the problem would not be solved until everybody can easily order Tramadol online cod collect on delivery. Cutting the chains of supply is essential. Of course, not only the Tramadol from Asia has to be stopped – domestic tramadol in USA delivered overnight is even bigger enemy and president paid a lot of attention to that as well.

To achieve this goal six billion dollars was secured in funding. The new Safer Prescribing Plan was issued – that plan was meant to cut the narcotic painkillers prescription by one third. It is obvious that one part could not exist without another: if only the number of prescription tramadol would be decreased – this would only bring clientele to online pharmacy selling Tramadol cod on delivery.

Trump administration made a lot of effort to secure the borders to make sure narcotic painkillers don’t get smuggled. Waterways, land borders, patrols and of course “the wall” are supposed to prevent medicinal drugs to get high on from getting into the country.

The third part of Trump’s plan included helping those who already struggle with addiction through treatment and recovery support services.

The government has some results to show for it: the number of juvenile heroin users allegedly has dropped, and the number of prescription for tramadol or other medicinal drug to get high on – dropped by 16 percent.

Government reported that they have taken 2300 pounds of fentanyl off the streets.

Although these results are imptressive, that does not necessarily mean that the population got clean overnight. For example, the decreased number of prescribed tramadol pills could mean increased number of people who buy tramadol online without prescription.

Or, the lack of opioid narcotic painkiller fentanyl could mean more people would buy oxycodone, hydrocodone or, some other strong narcotics that can buy online to get high on. It is unlikely that fentanyl users would be interested to buy tramadol pills though, for tramadol pill is much weaker than fentanyl.

On the official white house website there is an information that president Trump has personal firsthand family experience with his brother who had a drinking problem. Just like alcohol abuse – narcotic painkillers abuse can be managed through smart and decisive government measures. We have an example of dry law in USA though, when the prohibition of alcohol in bars and cafes gave rise to substandard alcohol production and provided finance for mafia. Sobriety of the nation has to be approached as a complex problem.